The Timbermen Fund claims department manages claims from the First Report to satisfactory conclusion.  Please contact The Timbermen Fund claim department with any questions before, during, or after a claim.  Our experienced claims staff works to reach the best outcome on every claim.  We utilize various tools and partner with leading companies for an integrated approach to claim handling.  We believe in comprehensive investigations as well as the pro-active management of every claim.  We are here to meet the needs of our insureds and their injured employees.  


  1. Injured Worker's Name
  2. Address
  3. Telephone Number
  4. Social Security Number
  5. Date of Hire
  6. Date of Birth
  7. Date and Description of Injury
  8. Name and Address of Medical Provider
  9. Wage Information

Call toll-free at 1-877-628-6730 or fax completed "First Report of Injury/Illness Form" (LDOL-WC-1007) to 1-318-628-7084. 

You may also download this form by clicking on the "Employer Corner" tab.

Louisiana law requires that you report a claim within 10 days of your actual knowledge of any injury resulting in death, or in a loss of more than seven (7) working days.  If you fail to report within the allotted time frame, you could be fined by the State of Louisiana for each occurrence.